Painted 2018


"Veiled" 60 x 48" oil on canvas NFS

I usually paint my impressions of the physical world.  During the Trump era and Kavanaugh appointment, I thought things were sent back to ‘Mad Men’ times and could not fathom the whole thing.  An image of a woman on a cross wrapped in the Flag just came to me.  The cross has religious interpretation of renewal or transition or agnostic view, a torturous death.  Her hips, the womb of civilization are disproportionately large.  The Flag naturally ended at her knees creating the ‘cut off at the knees’ suggestion.  Her face, though complacent is veiled, whether from outside intrusion or trapped within.  Her arms feminine.  The nails are large and shiny silver.  I took from the Auschwitz tattoos to date the painting.  (Fully understanding the horror the Jews lived, not comparing, just marking a point in time).  Trying to take the subject from the control of men I put the guion symbol  for ‘The Supremacy of God’ on the cross.  

As I painted the flaming gold background, it came to me … or for me, 

the possibility of enlightenment, the raising from this place of psychological entrapment.

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Painting is a challenge and a pleasure! 

“there is something necessary and life-giving about ‘creative work’.

A state of excitement.  And it is like a faucet: nothing comes unless you turn it on, 

and the more you turn it on, the more it comes.” Brenda Ueland