Sally R Breen


"Catharsis" 60 x 48" oil on canvas NFS

I usually paint my reaction to the physical environment around me. At the moment I needed to paint something I have a hard time putting into words.

This is not a 'pretty' picture. I am angry and feel the American woman is blind, veiled whether in her own eyes or the outside point of view. She is cut off at the knees and in the first several stages, of this painting, her 'head' or mind was blended into the cross/background. I want her to have a 'mind'.  Her hips are wide and I could make the 'red' between her legs more prominent but didn't/haven't.  She is either complicit to her own crucifixion (lynching) or blind to it. 

We all have a story and a place on this earth whether male or female. Our country’s character is to represent the ideal, though always hard to attain, it is the goal. I strongly feel at this moment in time we should have a better understanding of our possibilities not be threatened by old social beliefs. The blazing rise of the spirit, living a life with respect of itself and others while shedding these social, man made constraints. Our flag is tied in knots, our message confused in my opinion.   I am lost for words when it comes to listening to some women in this day and age. I have much more frustration, but this painting and creating it, has calmed my spirit.  I do want it to be beautiful, meaningful, but not pretty.

On view: Carpet Trends in Rye NY

Thanksgiving Woods

Thanksgiving Woods is 72" x 60" oil on canvas.  It is my impression of the light in late November in New York state.

I find it hard to capture with 1 image so I took side shots to better represent the painting.


'Rippled' is 72 x 60" oil on canvas and depicts one of those cool spring mornings.


 'Majesty' is 72 x 60" oil on canvas and shows the constantly moving display on the ocean.


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Painting has become necessary in my life.  The inquiry, colors, surprises and challenges are all food for my soul.

The more I try, the more ideas I have.  Beauty in nature inspires my creative impulse.

Author Brenda Ueland’s remarkable insight in, “If You Want to Write” reminds us 

“there is something necessary and life-giving about ‘creative work’.  A state of excitement.  And it is like a faucet: nothing comes unless you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more it comes.”

The act of painting is my hook, when the image turns out close to my expectations, contentment. 

Sally Breen, 2018


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